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Alex Matos

SEO Expert & Social Media Strategist

Is an online marketing professional known for his expertize within the field of Search Engine Optimization, also better known as SEO. At his core, Alex's belief is that every good company that became a great company did so by following a set of sound business principles, and that's where Paseo Consulting differs from every other digital marketing agency. His attention to detail, extensive knowledge of the area and desire to provide valuable services to his clients, is what separates him from the rest.

The importance of generating targeted online traffic for a business is highly underestimated. In addition to the business's ability to offer exceptional service to its customers; traffic is the deciding factor to whether that business thrives or dies.

Silvia Adams

Senior Web Designer

As a creative and professional web designer with over 10+ years experience, Silvia has developed and mastered the skill of what it takes to build attractive and effective websites that cause its visitors to engage with it. Her ability to listen and visualize the look and feel of what our clients want for their online presence is fascinating.

As a business owner, you’re looking to get customers online. Your prospective customers make split-second decisions, and it’s all based on the first impression of your website. You need a solid design strategy that helps them feel welcome.

Our levels of expertise

  • Search Engine Optimization98%
  • Social Media Management89%
  • Web Design97%
  • Copywriting92%